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"IN THE NAME OF THE MOON, I WILL PUNISH YOU!" - by Cameron Garland of cameron+whitney

Sailor Moon fan art for qpopshop Sailor Moon tribute show hand-drawn, hand-painted, and hand-cut by me (Cameron Garland), entirely with paper.

This is piece #3 in my “items” series (click the picture below or click HERE for pieces #1 & 2 in the series, featuring The Legend of Zelda and Adventure Time)


For more of my work, you can find me here:

Tumblr: cameronpluswhitney

Instagram: @campluswhit

Just got the news that this piece finally sold!!!!!  I hope it’s happy in it’s new home :D

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Fan animation of The Amazing World of Gumball. (Episode: The Storm)
Audio was taken from the actual episode from Cartoon Network.